Monday, 7 November 2016


1) Egocentrism (SIT & SSB)

a) self-interested thinking
A football player says, "It is a human right to pay higher salary to football players, rather than badminton players."

b) self- serving bias
A professor says, "I must be more intelligent than non-professors!" 

2) Sociocentrism(GB & Conformism)
a) Group Bias
Arabs are always more religious than  other races because Arabic is their mother tongue.

Smoking is good because all my friends smoke!

3) Stereotyping
Since IIUM is an ISLAMIC university, all IIUM students listen to nasyeeds only and they have no gf and bf. Haram!

4) Wishful Thinking
A man, "I wish I became pregnant." 
A woman, "I hope I become pregnant."

An unfaithful husband says to his wife, "Darling, all my extramarital affairs are not my fault. The iblis forced me to do it! If iblis did not exist, I would remain faithful to you forever."

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