Monday, 14 November 2016


1) Conclusion: There are many Gods
Premise: there are many races
Assumption: One God can only create One Race.
Fallacy: Questionable Cause: Multiple Races must be CAUSED by many Gods.

2) Conclusion: Religions and prophets are man-made.
Premise: All humans want to control other humans.
Assumption: All humans have insincere ambitions
Fallacy: Personal Attack: Accusing Prophets as having insincere ambitions

3) Conclusion: Religions are not divine
Premise: Religions are man-made
Assumption: Divine knowledge is impossible.
Fallacy: Begging the Question: Being not divine implies being man-made.

4) Conclusion: Unlike other religions, only Islam teach some bad things, e.g. terrorism.
Premise: Many Muslims kill innocent people. e.g. ISIS
Assumption: Muslims represent Islam
Fallacy: Red Herring: the main topic is about the RELIGION of Islam, but diverted to BELIEVERS of Islam (muslims).

5) Conclusion:  non-argument (conditional clause)
Premise: non-argument (conditional clause)
Assumption: The answer can be based on HUMAN judgement which is EITHER "certainly" heaven OR "certainly" hell 
Fallacy: False Alternative

6)Conclusion: Haram to touch a dog
Premise: ustaz at religious department said so.
Assumption: What ever any ustaz at religious department teach about Islam MUST be accurate.
Fallacy: Inappropriate Appeal To Authority

7)Conclusion: Religion intoxicates you.
Premise: Religion is an opium
Assumption: Religion does not motivate a person to deal with real life issues.
Fallacy: Weak Analogy

8)Conclusion: Dogs are najis.
Premise: No hadith that states that dogs are NOT najis.
Assumption: Dogs are BY DEFAULT najis. Any argument against this must supply evidence. I don't have to supply evidence why dogs are BY DEFAULT najis.
Fallacy: Appeal to ignorance

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